Tools for Competition

Some people thrive on competition. Some people work best when working as a team. Some do both. If you're the sort of writing who is spurred on by competing against others, this is the page for you. Find out your rank in the region, view who your competition is, and generate a quick off-the-cuff comparison against other writers in the region.

If you have a "formal" rivalry (or want to declare one), live word counts from the the Lawrence, KS regional forum nemesis thread are captured on the nemesis page.

Note: Ranking data is not live. It's based on the last data run of regional word count data. Nemesis and off-the-cuff comparison data is live.

What's My Rank?

Want to know where you stand in the regional word count?1 Fill in your username in the box below. (It's not case sensitive.)

You Versus Who?


For more information about how we use and manage our regional data, check the "Data Management Policy".

1. Regional rankings are based on data pulled on September 2nd at 12:02 AM. Our scripts run automatically at 12:02 AM (CST) every day to get the previous day's statistics. However, admins may manually run the script periodically. The most recent run time is reflected here.



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