• Clear all saved data
  • Copy your words
  • Download as a .txt file
  • Show font options
  • Set a sprint timer
  • Set & manage wordcount goal


About Sprinter

Sprinter uses a combination of browser local storage, JavaScript, and HTML to create a browser-based sprinting tool. (You know, like 100 others out there!) It's been tested the most extensively in Chrome, but checked out minimally in IE and Firefox.

If you like Sprinter but want something more, consider looking into Gramarye Writer.

Available Tools

  • — Clear the saved data
  • — Copy your words
  • — Save your text as a .txt file
  • — Change your font settings
  • — Set a sprint timer
  • — Write in fullscreen mode

If you have any questions, you can contact Ashley Baker, who built this instead of writing.